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Mon, 14 Oct


Room 234

Ellen Fridland (KCL) A Theory of Skilled Action Control

Time & Location

14 Oct 2019, 16:00 – 18:00

Room 234, Senate House, London WC1B, UK


In this  talk, I will sketch a theory of skill. First, I present a definition of  skill that I hope integrates several essential features of skill that  are often ignored or sidelined on other theories. In the second section,  I spell out how we should think of the intentions involved in skilled  actions and in the third section, I discuss why deliberate practice and  not just experience, repetition, or exposure is required for skill  development. In the fourth section, I claim that practice produces  control and go on to spell out the notion of control relevant for a  theory of skill.  In the final section, I briefly outline three kinds of  control that develop as a result of practice and which manifest the  skillfulness of skilled action. They are strategic control, attention  control, and motor control.

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