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Tue, 31 Oct


Room G37

Giulia Felappi (So'ton) & Mark Textor (KCL) A gloomy version of redundancy: Frege on the truth-predicate as misleading

Time & Location

31 Oct 2023, 17:30 – 01 Nov 2023, 07:00

Room G37, Senate House, London WC1B, UK


The view that the  truth-predicate is redundant fuels much work on truth. This view can be  traced back to Frege. But unlike current authors, Frege took the  truth-predicate to be a systematically misleading expression. In this  paper we will examine Frege’s arguments for his view and find them  suggestive, but wanting. However, Frege’s own view of the sense and  reference of ‘that’-clauses will yield a convincing rationale for his  position. We will use this result to shed light on the point and purpose  of the truth-predicate and on Russell’s main objection to accounts that  pair references with senses.

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